What Gifts Do Nurses Want

What Gifts Do Nurses Want?

Every year, on the day of the nurse week, we celebrate and thank for the dedication of the nurses who have contributed to the campaign to protect the health of everyone. And this is one of the occasions for you to show your interest in that mother. Prepare your mother for small, meaningful surprises. Here I would like to tell you simple birthday gifts for mom still full of meaning.

First of all, when choosing to buy a birthday gift for moms, you should refer to the experience, a few notes to choose a gift for mom that is suitable, meaningful, and practical. To choose the right gift for your mother, you need to identify the interests or needs of the mother, then consider the appropriate cost to zoning items that suit your financial capacity. Finally, you should also pay attention to choosing by age from the diverse designs of products to choose the best gift.

With the basic notes in mind, let us learn about the simple mom’s birthday gift suggestion below!

Coffee Mug

A nurse coffee mug for women who are both moms and nurses, this is a pretty unique gift idea. mugs with cute funny shapes, printed with cute motifs or printed meaningful words, are also meaningful souvenirs. When he wakes up in the morning, holding a glass of water the husband gave in his hand with emotional quotes, just seeing it was enough for him to feel happy for this beautiful gift.What Gifts Do Nurses Want

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are items that you make by yourself from existing materials and items. Ladies, please do not ignore the great idea for gifting this mother. A handmade gift is both simple and cheap but extremely meaningful because it was created by the love, the heart and the meticulousness and ingenuity of the maker, this is a “unique” gift on the world for mom.

Handmade gifts are diverse in types, materials are also easy to find, easy to buy at affordable prices, the recipe is always available online, you just need to spend a little time and effort alone.

It can be a birthday cake you make every step, decorate each petal; it could be a bouquet of paper, silk “fresh without irrigation” for mom to display in the bedroom or living room; or scented candles you add each scent composition, decoration; … a lot of great ideas, both simple and practical for you to learn from.

Besides, there are now many places to teach and provide materials for making leather crafts, you can learn and make a birthday gift for mom is a leather wallet so that your gift always accompanies her mother on all roads.What Gifts Do Nurses Want


In addition to handbags, a wristwatch is also a fashion accessory that can be a gift. Free watches contain a lot of valuable messages. The clock is considered as a representative of the time, a measure of time used frequently in everyday life, as a companion of Mom, instead of being with her every time, always with her share the joys and sorrows.

Watches have a variety of prices, suitable for the economic capacity of many. You can depend on your preferences, the age of the mother to select the appropriate clock.

Women’s watches outside the traditional round face also have the form of square, rectangular, hexagonal, … The safest option is the traditional round watch, medium or small size, the digits display clear display, neutral leather strap, gentle, not too brilliant or luxurious copper gold metal wire. With this formula, you will choose a simple watch, suitable for all styles. Also, if you understand your mother’s tastes and tastes, do not hesitate to choose women’s watches with a unique, fancy design.


Like us, moms also need a lot of accessories to coordinate with clothes every time outing, going to work for fashion.

When choosing shoes as a birthday present for moms, do not choose too high heels, so choose from 3 – 5cm is appropriate. The heel soles should also be big, sure, still respectful without making it difficult for mom to move. A comfortable, smooth material that can help our mother walk more comfortably, easier, and without leg pain when wearing shoes for too long, operating all day long, especially for those who have mom to be a teacher or a job that requires long-standing time.

Besides high-heeled shoes, you can choose soft leather flats, comfortable sports shoes for mom to change on other suitable occasions.

CosmeticWhat Gifts Do Nurses Want

Women certainly can’t help but mention cosmetics. Mom still needs beauty like us! We women don’t want to be beautiful and perfect when they appear in front of people, right?

When in middle age, the signs of old age gradually appear on the face that makes mothers concerned. A set of skincare products with natural ingredients, good use, slow down the aging process, restore smooth, smooth skin will make your mother happy.

Does Mum often talk about hair loss? What about hair care, hair care, and shampoo set to prevent hair loss? Surely this is a very valuable gift at this moment, helping her solve the anxiety immediately.

For those of you who have a new mom entering middle age, still working, makeup like lipstick..are also suitable to buy as a birthday gift for mom.