Is There a Baby Crib for Short Moms1

Is There a Baby Crib for Short Moms?

Short mom faces a problem when putting their child to sleep in their crib. If the crib is too high for them they have to stretch and bend over to reach the mattress which is not safe for them. It may lead to losing their balance and falling inside the crib, or even the baby will slip from their hands.

The best way to solve this lies in cribs made specifically for short moms. These cribs are specially made, which differ from the regular ones, as they are shorter. The unique feature it has is they have adjustable heights as per requirements. These types of shorter cribs for shorter moms are amazing and babies will have a safe sleep too.

Here in this article lets explore the best crib for short moms, which plays an important role for parents struggling to place their baby in a crib. Finding a best crib for short moms can be a genuine struggle. To make your work more simple, we’ve rounded up the best!

Need for a short crib for short moms

Cribs have a standard height of 42 inches. It is not a problem for all moms and dads, but it’s a challenging struggle for short parents. This is the reason short moms need a crib shorter than the standard size. Depending on your height you can opt for a crib as there are so many cribs customized and designed especially for you.

As there is a wide range of short cribs which are friendly and comfortable for you, there is no point in worrying. Here comes your way, the best guide to picking the best crib for short moms among so many options for your struggle as a short mom and dad.

It is hard for short moms to pick their babies from the cribs gently. These are the possible perfect solutions designed for keeping moms tiny in mind. You have 2 best solutions for these struggles.

  • Perfect search for the best crib for short moms
  • Step-stool

Step stool

The step stool is an option that looks like a ladder that can be foldable and portable. Length can not be adjusted and its preferred size will be around 32 inches or even less.

Usage of a step stool

It requires ground-level support for all of its side rails. This is the mandatory condition for using this supportive type. You should not use step stools unless the spreaders locked, and the base is fully open.

You should not use it as single ladders. Therefore, you can avoid slipping sideways by climbing or stepping by the middle of the steps in the stool. You should not try sideway as its unsafe.

At the bottom of the stepstool, an antislip mat will provide you a grip while you step in. Ensure whether it is in excellent condition. You should not use it on slippery surfaces.

A step stool is just a tool to assist you, so you use it properly for safe stepping. You should never try to place over unstable bases for added height requirements.

Proper use of a step stool will help you pick or place your baby in the crib. Anyway, it is advisable to avoid stepstool at night.Is There a Baby Crib for Short Moms1

How to find the best crib for short moms?

Because of an increasing number of short moms and dads, manufacturers design cribs to fulfill all the requirements suitable for short moms. The perfect choice will be the convertible crib for short moms. As the name we mention it as a convertible crib, it assists you as 1 crib having 3 more convertible options just for your need.

You can use it as a toddler bed, day, and full-size beds. Along with these, it has an adjustable mattress that can be fixed according to your height. So it will be easy for you to pick and put your baby in a crib with ease.

Features of a crib for short moms

Anyhow practically step stool is used as a tool but for the search of the best among the rest a crib that suits your height is the perfect option. It is also the safest choice. As a responsible parent, always choose the best for your baby with safety.

The following factors assist you to pick the right choice and the need to consider the best choice.

Types of the baby cribs for short moms

If you are a short mom around 5 feet like me or less than 5 feet, the crib size should be 35″ or 36″ tall is okay for a short mom. Even worse, tall cribs could affect safety, increasing the risk of dropping baby, and increasing the temptation to use an unsafe work-around, such as a step stool. The best cribs for short moms would finally say I’m done.

A different tool to stool.

  • Convertible Crib
  • Compact crib
  • A Budget crib
  • Best grow crib
  • Dream Mini Crib
  • Portable Mini Crib

Is There a Baby Crib for Short Moms1Height factor

Before choosing a crib for short moms, check for the height of the crib to suit your height. So the crib size along with the crib mattress matters a lot. You should ensure that the size of the short crib is 35 inches, which will be the best crib for short moms with a height of 4.8 feet and above.

This is the standard size for a short crib. In case, if this size doesn’t suit you, we recommend the safety step stool.

Safety features

Every parent is more concerned about safety for purchasing baby needs. Right? Likewise, a crib is a place where the baby spends mostly in the initial phases of life.

Keeping all these in mind, we should ensure certain things before we choose a crib. Monitor the space between slats of the crib. It will end up in danger if space is more. As the legs or hands of your little angel might be stuck in between the space.

The next thing is the material of the crib. The paints and glues used in the making should be nonhazardous. Safety certified products are the recommended products for baby care.

Weight factor

Baby cribs should clean often. So whether it’s vacuum cleaning or moving to change the position of the crib, it is better to choose a lightweight product.


Parenting is a joy, and a crib is the signature of a baby. Hope this article assists you as a guide in choosing the best baby cribs for short moms. Along with the factors and features have given above, also keep the upcoming points in mind for the safety of mom and baby.

Cribs with removable legs are the best option for short moms. Then, as the baby grows, the need for the crib will suit the choice of the convertible crib. The last but not the least is the mattress, which can adjust according to your height. This enables short moms to pick and put your baby in a crib with safety and comfort. Spread happiness by sharing this article with those who need it.