Is Protein Powder Safe While Breastfeeding

Is Protein Powder Safe While Breastfeeding?

For every breastfeeding mothers, it is very important to take care of themselves by means of taking rest, eating healthy or nutritious foods and also by staying hydrating. The women who are breastfeeding will require more amounts of calories when compared with the normal women and so they are required to consume more nutrition rich food in their diet. They require the various nutrients in their diet like protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and fibre, all these essential nutrients could be easily added to the diet of a breastfeeding mother by consuming the protein powder. Is Protein Powder Safe While Breastfeeding

The most common question asked by women while breastfeeding is that whether protein powder is safe for them and what is the best protein powder for breastfeeding. To know about this you must first know what the protein powder contains and the role of protein powder is during lactation.

Protein intake during breastfeeding

Protein is the macronutrient which is essential for building the tissue and it is found that protein is an important component of each and every cell in our body. The mother as well as the baby requires protein for building, repairing or maintaining the muscles, tissues, skin and hair. After the birth of the child, you can take the adequate amount of protein for bringing back your body after the delivery, helps in producing breast milk, and to sustain the baby’s growth as well. A study shows that having the protein intake after the child’s birth would greatly help the mother in reducing her weight that she gained during her pregnancy and thus helps in bringing it back to normal.

Why should you consume protein powder while breastfeeding?

Breast milk is very essential for the growth of the baby and seriously there is nothing better for the baby’s health. The breast milk is only the primary source of nutrition for any new born child, and thus the mother should be concerned very much about producing the quality milk for her child. A healthy diet must be strictly followed while breastfeeding because how the mother eats during and after the pregnancy will affect the child directly. So, by having a proper and nutritious diet, a mother can greatly help both herself as well as the child to stay healthy.

A person can get the adequate amount of protein by consuming various protein rich foods like eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, beans, nuts and seeds. But this would not be enough for a mother who is breastfeeding, and so she must intake the best protein powder for the breastfeeding to support lactation.

Choosing the high quality protein powder and consuming them will definitely help in providing all the required nutrients to the mother as well as the baby with an ease. The protein powder can be consumed in various ways such as topping it on a smoothie, adding it with yogurt, porridge, or in other forms that you prefer for. You should also be sure that your diet includes fruits and vegetables as well because you will definitely need nutrients other than protein too, even though protein powders will have other many nutrients also.

What all does the protein powder generally contain?

Proteins are the fundamental nutrients that any protein powder may contain, but other than this protein powder would also contain various other nutrients. Some of the key nutrients for a breastfeeding woman and which would be generally present in all protein powder are the following:

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins
  • Iron
  • Fibre and
  • Healthy fats

The proteins are the fundamental nutrient of the protein powder which is helpful to build the tissues and muscles, and also will greatly help in producing more quality breast milk. The protein powder would be the great source of calcium also which is responsible for the stronger bones of the child. They are also a great source of many vitamins, and thus it could be an excellent way for adding vitamins in the diet for the breastfeeding woman.

The healthy fats in the protein powder are very useful for the mothers after pregnancy, since these fats would help in reducing the body fat. The fibre is responsible for digestion, maintaining blood sugar level, and as well as for the overall metabolism of the body. Thus consuming the protein powder will help you in providing the enough fibre in your diet. You should also note that other than these, some of the protein powders may also contain the added flavours and other ingredients also.

Is Protein Powder Safe While Breastfeeding

What are the various recommended protein powders for the breastfeeding mothers?

There are various brands of protein powders available in the market today, but it is very difficult for everyone to choose which one of them is the best.  Some of the recommended and the best protein powder for the breastfeeding are:

  • Go Good whey protein powder- These are the grass fed whey protein concentrate that is mixed with the organic fruits and superfood. They are said to be gluten/soy/GMO free with 80% of protein bursting with the macro-nutrients to boost the immunity.
  • Majka Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder – This is the ideal choice for breastfeeding mothers and some pros of this protein powder are such as plant based ingredients, containing choline /digestive minerals /methylfolate, and boosting lactation.
  • Go Good vegan Pea Protein Powders – These are made from 100% vegetables by using premium European golden peas as a base. They are made free of soy, gluten and allergens thus this would be a great choice for the ones with sensitive dietary requirements.
  • Ora Organic So Lean So Clean Protein Powder – These are the most popular protein powder among the breastfeeding mothers. These are organic and said to be dairy/gluten/soy free and safe for kids.
  • Ideal Raw Protein Powder – This is another good choice of protein powder, which is vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and organic.

All of these protein powders are available in various different flavours, and you can choose the flavor you really like.