HAPPY 2013 from Nursing in Public!

I thought in the spirit of New Years Eve we could take a look at this picture from the turn of the century

I can’t help but think, advertising has never left breastfeeding women alone! Before the advent of formula, our milk was no good without nourishing beer!!! But, what this picture made me think of most are all the negative tweets I see where people complain about seeing breastfeeding women enjoying a beer or glass of wine. This is a misconceptions mothers often face when nursing in public, that you can’t have a drink. Many experts argue you can have an occasional drink and still breastfeed. You should not be drunk and breastfeed, but having a little wine or beer will not adversely affect your supply or your healthy baby.

Of course, you should use good judgement, studies have shown that daily alcohol consumption while breastfeeding can adversely affect your baby, and you probably shouldn’t imbibe more than 2 alcoholic drinks per week. But, according to many sources the risks are very low when you indulge in the occasional glass of wine or beer. Saying women should never have any alcohol is just another unnecessary restriction when it comes to breastfeeding

There is a lot of good information over at Kellymom about alcohol and breastfeeding. I encourage you to check it out before you go crazy with the beer or flat-out deny yourself any spirits. But basically, if your baby is healthy and over three months of age…many experts might say its OK enjoy a little champagne at midnight!