Father-to-Father Advice on Nursing in Public

By Scott of ThisDaddysBlog. Scott is a 39-year-old father of four who lives in Atlanta.  He is a lover of all things having to do with his kids, he’s a sports nut, music lover and gym rat.  Most importantly, he’s an active father and devoted husband.

My wife of twelve years, Tracy breastfed all of our kids. Our youngest just turned three and he is still breastfeediEng, and yes in public. When I became a father for the first time, I had no clue about breastfeeding, let alone having my wife feed our child in public. I had no idea that people would stop, stare and comment in a negative manner about what my wife was doing with our child. All I knew is that it was the best most natural way for my wife to feed our child and I was more than OK with that. I understood that with my wife breastfeeding our children, we would be better off according to medical standards. And that, first and foremost, breastfeeding our children is what my wife wanted to do.

Since that is what she wanted to do, I felt that as her husband it was my responsibility to support her. Looking back on the past and still to this day, I am more than 100% supportive of my wife breastfeeding and doing it in public. I mean why wouldn’t I be? We believe even more so now that breastfeeding is the best possible way for a child to eat, get nourishment and have that loving bond with a mom. I can remember the very first time Tracy fed our first son in public and it was all so new to us. What was I suppose to do? Not like I could help her at all. Boy was I wrong. Let me tell some of you dads that may be having trouble finding ways to show support to your wife and the mother of your breastfeeding child.

First of all it is going to vary on your wife, number of children you have and the public setting. You can simply sit and talk with your wife and make her feel more comfortable and confident in what she is doing. Another way is to ask her if there is anything you can do to help. Does she need a drink? Some moms use a cover and that is OK, if that makes the mom feel better. Don’t make a big deal about your wife breastfeeding in public. An educated man knows that a minimal part of the breast is shown, if any at all. There are going to be some young, naïve, and rude people in the world that think that was she is doing is somehow linked into being a sexual thing. That is the time when you as the husband needs to reassure your wife that what she is doing is a great natural thing.

Dads, another way you can show support to your wives while they are breastfeeding in public is to be yourself. There is no reason this should bother you but if it does for some reason then your wives are going to get aggravated and not be happy and that makes for a not so sweet gentle experience. While this is supposed to be a time for the child to eat, it also needs to be a bonding time, and fathers can be involved in this time as well. Guys, being involved in your wives and child’s bonding time will make your wife love you that much more.

Last and not least, guys be that strong man your wife married and stand up for her. Be strong when she is weak. Be her voice when she is quiet. Be her energy when she is tired. And those days of being her Knight don’t end after you say “I do”. Have her back, be her man and while you don’t have to fist fight anyone that makes a rude comment or glares as your wife feeds her baby you don’t have to be a turtle that tucks back in a shell either. Let your wife know that you are there for her and you will have her back no matter if she is breastfeeding on a bus, a train, a park bench or the mall. Think about your children and how they will be looked upon in the future.

Although you may love your wife’s body for the reasons that we as men are attracted to women, remember guys, breast is best…..for feeding that is. I am a father that fully supports breastfeeding and nursing in public so if any dads or moms would like to contact me for further advice or questions you can find me at…