About Me

I’m a SAMH to my son Wolf and Sun.  My background is in Cultural Anthropology, Biology and Nursing.  I am interested in the ways in which people view natural processes, especially parenting, through a cultural lens.

My advocacy work is primarily in breastfeeding, specifically in promoting a better understanding of the importance of breastfeeding in public.  I truly believe that most people who speak out against nursing in public don’t have the information needed to grasp the essential nature of it.

You might know me from my twitter account, @Wolf_Mommy where I call out discrimination against breastfeeding and try to educate and inform about nursing in public.

You can also contact me via email at: wolfsmommy AT gmail DOT com

The best thing Lactivists can do is support mothers, however they feed their babies.  Save your criticism for the formula companies & BF critics.

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