A little bit about honesty and lactivism, Wolf_Mommy Style

Don’t be afraid to say breastfeeding has been difficult.  It might inspire someone else having the same challenges.  Give people some credit, most will not just give up when the going gets tough, but they need a way to get going–be an inspiration with your honesty.

Breastfeeding is the natural, normal way to feed a baby.  It is usually the healthiest way.  But, unfortunately, it is not always the easiest, especially in the beginning.  Though it is natural, and for the baby there is a certain amount of instinct to it, it is a big learning process for both mother and child.  Modern western civilization has put up many barriers to breastfeeding, some obvious, some not so obvious, some are purposeful and some are byproducts of something else.  Overcoming these barriers can seem overwhelming and frightening to many new parents, especially new mums, upon whose shoulders the burden of infant nutrition has been squarely placed.

I am a breastfeeding advocate (BFA, sometimes called Lactivist) who works to help break down these barriers on a systematic level, as well as help individual women to breastfeed successfully.

I am a Breastfeeding Advocate who is especially active in social media. I didn’t become a BFA because I’m some kind of breastfeeding rockstar, I came to it because I found my breastfeeding experience with my firstborn to be very challenging and difficult. I did receive some help, not all of it good. I experienced the guilt and disillusionment that came with formula supplementation and early weaning. I wanted to help other women have more positive experiences.  I especially want them to have more positive experiences if they supplement, do combined feedings or wean early.

In today’s world, there are many ways to breastfeed, many ways to feed a baby.  I feel that biologically there is an ideal way to feed a baby, but ideals are not very productive concepts in this society, and they tend to be even less productive in parenthood.  If I can help women achieve the closest they can get to that ideal, then I think I’ve helped.  This is different for everybody.

I have always been honest about my experiences, even the challenges I faced with my second Nursling. I did this in real-time on twitter. I’ve talked about the sleep-deprivation, the frustration at always being “on-call”, the biting, the pain, the tongue-tie, the oversupply/overactive let downs, everything. I think it’s important to let everyone know these things do happen, and I hope I’ve given women some inspiration about how (and in some cases why) I’ve overcome these challenges. I am still a mother nursing a child, I’m still learning things along the way.

I’d like to think I’m a reasonable person, advocating for a healthy way to feed babies. I don’t look down on mums who use formula or do combined feeding, I actually don’t think the way you feed your baby is an indication of what kind of parent you are at all. There are so many ideals and pitfalls in parenting, one of my favourite sayings is, “There is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are many ways to be a good one.”

At any rate, I’d just like to say, if  is feeling discouraged, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached through twitter: @Wolf_Mommy or Email: [email protected]

I’m promise to give you reliable information, no judgement and a shoulder to cry on.