Hollister Nurse-In: January 5 2013 at 1600

Posted on December 31, 2012


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Check out the facebook page to see if a town near you is joining in the nurse-in!  You can also create one for your location!


Nurse-in at Hollister on facebook

The Story:


Brittany Warfield was nursing her beautiful 7 month old daughter on a bench right outside Hollister in the Galleria. She even modestly covered herself with a jacket. The store manager came out and bullied the nursing mother by yelling at her to leave. She was humiliated and embarrassed. No mother should EVER feel that way. Breastfeeding needs to be supported and encouraged to ensure a nursing mothers success. It is also our right as women to nurse in public. So come on out, bring your baby and lets show our support for not only this mother but ALL mothers and their right to nurse their children when ever and where ever that may be. Let’s make sure not one more mother ever has to feel this way again. (from FB)

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