Breastfeeding: Anytime, Anywhere!

April 11, 2012


Last week I was told “There’s a time and place for everything” when it comes to breastfeeding.  It’s not the first time I’ve ever heard that, and I couldn’t agree more!  The time is whenever baby is hungry, and the place is wherever Mama is. When we breastfeed, we feed “on demand” or “on cue“.  […]

Breastfeeding benefits have not been overstated

March 18, 2014


I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments lately about the article that states Breastfeeding benefits have been drastically overstated. As always, it is important to examine the scientific evidence in making a decision for health reasons (I could also tell you many social and economic advantages to breastfeeding, but let’s just stay with the […]

Best and worst airline breastfeeding policies

August 5, 2013


A good breastfeeding policy should reflect the laws and codes already in place.  The best policies begin by recognizing the right of a nursing mother to feed her baby in public. A nursing mother should never be asked to: stop breastfeeding relocate in order to breastfeed cover up while breastfeeding While the comfort of every […]

Wall of Shame Inductee: Extreme Objectification/Narcissism

July 22, 2013



Our First Inductee into the Wall of Shame, Mr. DC (names & personal info are altered for protection).  It all started with a comment asking why sexy, attractive women never breastfeed in public: Mr. DC seems oblivious to the fact that women feed their babies when out and about in public, not to impress him, […]

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Nursing in Public, Your Point of View

July 21, 2013


We seem to spend a lot of time discussing what other people see when we nurse in public, I think it’s time we had a look at what we see while feeding our nurslings in public. All this week, send me photos of your point of view when nursing in public.  I’ll collect them and […]

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#NIP Twitter Party June 2013–A week’s worth of nursing in public from Twitter

July 21, 2013


Ever felt a little nervous to nurse in public?  Me too!  It should be the most acceptable thing in the world, but in today’s society, we could all use a little support when it comes to breastfeeding in a public place!  Here are a week’s worth of nursing in public tweets from breastfeeding Mamas.  You […]

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Embarassed by Hollie McNish

July 9, 2013


Hollie McNish — Embarassed   Poet Hollie McNish delivers the most amazing poem about nursing in public. “But after six months of her life sat sitting on lids Sipping on her milk nostrils sniffing up piss Trying not to bang her head on toilet roll dispensers I wonder whether these public loo feeds offend her?” […]

The NIP Twitter Wall of Shame

June 27, 2013


The idea for a Wall of Shame came to me several years ago, when I began addressing the discrimination I saw on Twitter against women who nurse in public.  For a long time, I worried it would only be an outlet for drama, a self-indulgent tribute to the a$$holes who have tried to shame mothers […]

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Babies, Breastfeeding, Exams, how do we work out a solution?

June 25, 2013


A mom of a 10-month-old baby girl is upset because she was not permitted to breastfeed during a college exam at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Rebecca Mabrey is an online student, but she still had to go to the campus to take an exam — and she was turned away at the door because […]

#NIP Twitter Party, all week long!

June 17, 2013


You’ve seen my #NIP (Nursing in Public) tweets.   Casually #NIP at the playground at the mall. — Wolf Mommy (@Wolf_Mommy) June 13, 2013   Now it’s your turn!  Send me (@Wolf_Mommy) your nursing in public tweets using hashtag #NIP and I’ll RT them and post a collection of a week worth’s of #NIP tweets […]

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A little bit about honesty and lactivism, Wolf_Mommy Style

May 29, 2013


Don’t be afraid to say breastfeeding has been difficult.  It might inspire someone else having the same challenges.  Give people some credit, most will not just give up when the going gets tough, but they need a way to get going–be an inspiration with your honesty. Breastfeeding is the natural, normal way to feed a […]